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9/22/20222 min read


September 21, 2022

Today is a special day for Pachamama and all of her inhabitants. On this blessed Equinox, the days and the nights come into a state of balance, a harmony of equality, one of peace and equanimity for the entirety of the planet, inviting a pause, a breath, and a centering as we approach a pivot for the Southern and Northern hemispheres. As the Southern realms honor the apex of spring, the Northern ones reach the peak of autumn.

Here in the Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica, in my coastal rainforest home, nature is celebrating this seasonal shift with a sunny morning sky, the sweet songs of colorful birds, and gentle breezes. Upon arising, I began the day like every other, tuning into the messages from my dreams, offering gratitude for the blessing of awakening, and cleansing my physical, energetic and mental bodies.

Dreams, especially during my sacred moon time, bring messages. Some, like most people, invite a conscious look at my subconscious world. Others have a potency that reaches far beyond the personal. And some of these are a conversation with the spiritual beings of nature with whom I am weaving connections. Waking up with these messages can be exhilarating. And at times, quite a mystery to ponder until the clarity is revealed.

My routine recently was given a spiritual tune-up. I have taken new steps towards higher alignment, more pristine awarenesses and compassionate wisdom. Feels like something to celebrate. Goals aligned with action feel like purpose and light up the soul. At first these practices burgeoned with newness, and as I become more familiar with them, I find some part of myself has stored memory of the flow of visualization and mantras without any purposeful trying, and I'm awed by the capacity of our kind to learn and assimilate, grow and transform, just by doing the things we choose to do. Aim us in any directions at all, and we somehow arrive closer to the destination than the day before, often surprising ourselves along the way when we check in with the present moment and witness ourselves. With practices that are feeling so potent and alive, I recognize I'm feeling that way too.

So, in honor of the balance struck on this equinox, I am birthing this new realm of expression to create a pathway between my inner and outer worlds, weaving light between them, planting seeds and watching my garden grow.